Homemade submachine guns – part 3 (Australia)

Designs based on the Expedient Homemade Firearms series of manuals by P.A Luty.

310113gengunsdrugs01_18glrml-18glrmplutyseizedinaus121204_machinegun2 121204_machinegun4 982258-marleston-machine-gun

lutyausseizedlutymkiismgaustralia improguns gunluty lutyausseized2lutymachinepistolaus928b1b8c38c3a67c77289cad8e75e02a_resized

450137-bikie-machine-gun  803689-finks-guns

.22lr machine pistols:

4111614-4x3-940x705australiaaustralianhomebuiltsmg copy improgunsaustralianwoodstocksmg improgunssubmachinegunaustraliaaustralianhomemade22smg improguns



M11 type copies:

Homemade australian submachinegun improgunsaustralianhomemademac635941-sub-machine-gun


oddhomemadeaustraliansmg improgunsjpg

The Sub Machine Gun from Home workshop Guns for Defence And Resistence by Bill Holmes:

billholmessubmachinegunaustralia improguns

VD-Siezed-Guns-c23c348170ffauspistolsmg1 improguns

Video – Homemade Luty MKII Machine Pistol test fired by WA police


4 thoughts on “Homemade submachine guns – part 3 (Australia)

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