The FGC9 – A 3D Printed Semi Auto 9mm Firearm

The FGC9 is a 9mm semi-automatic pistol / carbine designed to be 3D printed and combined with some metal components including steel tubing and bar stock easily ordered worldwide. It is currently being developed by Deterrence Dispensed.

The DIY barrel on the FGC9 is made from steel tube which is rifled using an extremely simple DIY take on ECM (Electrochemical Machining) using salt water and electricity combined with a 3D printed spiral insert.

The body of the bolt is printed and contains two lengths of steel bar with one bar drilled for a makeshift firing pin. The FGC9 uses a 3D printed copy of a Glock 17 magazine developed by IvanTheTroll.

Like the original Shuty AP9, the FGC9 uses an AR fire control group. This will eventually also be printable.

5 thoughts on “The FGC9 – A 3D Printed Semi Auto 9mm Firearm

  1. Karl Müller

    Congratulations to team Ivan! The electrochemical rifling may be improved in detail, but the over all process is plain and easy. Working on already hardend materials is fine.
    The gun grabber community has not yet fully understood what this significant development meas to them.
    Now, it is only up to a few years of development for easy made ammo,as some alternatives to NC Propellant exist, though somewhat corrosive.


  2. Steve LaRose

    Come on SHARE the files already… Just kidding (sorta).. I have The Files for the AP-9.. But I need a Glock barrel for that..



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