Homemade single shot pistols – part 1

australianhomemadederringers improguns90902178000002225603 akj89824006656 Some of the 2,220 weapons confiscated during the year in Cali, ColombiaA Colombian police officer looks at weapons confiscated in Cali  DSC02313 post-30-67450-Firstinteresting barrel release simgleshot22 1302230578946 78664488802 post-30-16411-garrucha post-30-20490-garrucha_details post-30-11601-shot1 post-30-27141-12gauge866443574949 post-30-42980-100_2245 police_want_to_know_the_origins_of_what_appears_to_4f02dba784 vs2q79 post-30-34386-DSCF3131 post-30-37641-trigger_and_gripcamperpistolghghghghpost-3-28179-IMG_0512OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_0359 876499u homemade22singleshotpistolmexico

One thought on “Homemade single shot pistols – part 1

  1. Joe

    Not very smart leaving these sorts of pictures on here just gives idiots ideas how to make the bloody dangerous things .Somebody could hurt themself even worse a child might look it up and try to make one and some one could get hurt or worse die from these horrible contraptions the users more likely to injur themself from these



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