Homemade submachine guns – part 1 (Brazil)

tfbhomemadesunmachinegun14 improguns tfbhomemadesubmachinegunbrazil2 improguns brazilsmgsfgfgfhfhfh tfbhomemadesubmachinegunbrazil12 improguns Braziliansmgdccp tfbhomemadesubmachinegunbrazil11 improgunstfbhomemadesubmachinegun18 improguns tfbhomemadesubmachinegunbrazil4 improgunstfbhomemadesubmachinegunbrazil5 improguns tfbhomemadesubmachinegunbrazil10 improguns urucopy2 improguns a6e7a4bcfd09tfbhomemadesubmachinegunbrazil7 improgunstfbhomemadesubmachinegunbrazil8 improgunstfbhomemadesubmachinegunbrazil1 improguns tfbhomemadesubmachinegunbrazil6 improgunstfbhomemadesubmachinegun16 improguns tfbhomemadesubmachinegun15 improgunstfbhomemadesunmachinegun18 improguns tfbhomemadesunmachinegun17 improguns tfbhomemadesubmachinegunbrazil3 improguns tfbhomemadesubmachinegunbrazil13 improgunstfbhomemadesubmachinegun4 tfbhomemadesubmachinegunbrazil9 improguns improvisedsquaresectionmachinepistol improgunshomemadetec9factory1 improguns homemadetec9factory2 improguns homemadetec91 improguns homemadetec92 improguns homebuiltwoodstockpistol2 improguns homebuiltwoodstockpistol6 improguns homebuiltwoodstockpistol1 improguns homebuiltwoodstockpistol3 improguns homebuiltwoodstockpistol4 improguns
homebuiltwoodstockpistol5 improguns
 homebuiltmacmachinegun2 improguns  tfbhomemadesubmachinegun22 improguns maccopiesbrazil improgunshomebuiltmacmachinegun improguns camohomebuiltsmg improguns homemadem11copy1 improguns homemadem11copy2 improguns homebuiltmacmachinegun3 improguns SIMPLEMAC10COPY2 IMPROGUNS homebuiltmac102 improguns homemademicrouzi1 improguns homemademicrouzi3 improguns homemademicrouzi4 improguns homemademicrouzi2 improguns highqualitymicrouzicopy improguns homemadem11slantedmag1 improguns
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2 Responses to Homemade submachine guns – part 1 (Brazil)

  1. Rastami says:

    Aren’t some of those guns awfully Luty-esque?


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