.38 Special Pistol

Interesting though I can’t quite work out what the charging rod tube below the barrel does. Perhaps it has something to do with the magazine. Perhaps it was added for the cowboy factor.

3 thoughts on “.38 Special Pistol

  1. pigpen51

    I don’t come here as much as I did for awhile, but I am amazed at the ingenuity that I always find when I do stop in. People who want guns will always find a way to obtain them, or build what hey want. If they want a fighting knife then they will make one of them, as well.
    I live in Michigan, and went to the State Police Academy for a week in between my Junior and Senior years of high school, in the summer, and did pretty much what the troopers in training do. It was excellent, and I learned a lot. One of the many classes that they had, included a unit where they taught us some of the improvised weapons that they took from criminals. I remember one was a cap gun, that we used to play with when we were little kids. It was one of those guns that looked like a Single Action Army, with the side plate that swung open to hold a roll of caps, and they fed up through a slot to be struck by the hammer, which had a spring to let it pop the cap. It was a slick little thing, and I always wanted to get one when my mom took me to the store, since they didn’t seem to last too long.
    This gun, that at time they called it a zip guy, had a piece of copper tubing stuffed into it, held in place with a hose clamp, and to load it, you pulled the hammer back, then put a .22 LR cartridge into the copper tubing, then carefully lowered the hammer down onto the cartridge. To fire, you just pulled the trigger back, then let it go, and having broken the trigger spur somehow, the hammer flew by and struck the shell, I guess that it usually shot the gun.
    The training officer there, a man named Al Slaughter, said that they confiscated some guns that were very well made, and looked as good as those made by manufacturers. So back in 1977, criminals were making some of their own guns, rather than stealing all of them.


    1. jic

      That would make sense, presumably the front half of that tube would contain a coil spring. What that makes me wonder is what is the purpose of the D-shaped piece of metal on the back of the magazine, which has a tab all the way to the magazine well? Is it extra leverage to remove magazines? Does the tab stop over-insertion?



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