Homemade shotgun trench battle (Video)

Here’s a video of a shootout between PDF rebels and junta forces using homemade 12g break-barrel shotguns. Fighters have been producing these in quite large numbers which can be made using locally scavenged gas pipe for barrels, steel plate and wood.

This type of shotgun is very basic and easy to make, being cut and bolted together from simple patterns. The short comings are the lack of an extractor making loading and unloading under stress quite fiddly.

6 thoughts on “Homemade shotgun trench battle (Video)

  1. Mike-SMOk

    Shotguns are short range gizmos. That is what full auto, genades, and RPGs are for. Pipe
    guns are not for a holding action from a trench.


    1. SaltyArmyIsLegion

      I wanna know how successful the battle was, because if it was anything other than an outright ass-pounding for the ShoGoBros in that trench, gun control advocates just lost 1/4 of their ammo, so to speak.


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