7 thoughts on “FGC-9 Factory Operating in Finland

    1. Docter455

      Damn, at least they have good ammo, I’ve been places and been shown ammo that looks like shit(I used to work in cybersecurity for people in developing countries and saw some really badly put together .380 and .32 ACP) then again this is also Finland, they have gun owners


      1. Anonymous

        That might be if they have same laws as here in Finland, where pocket pistol calibers are prohibited. So no owning even with licences, meaning 7.65, .380, 6.35 those are the hard-to-get bullets for criminals. But 9mm, 308, 7.62 etc, they just usually steal from law abiding citizens in North, smuggle or have their own gun smiths (later being most often the case, except cops almost never caughts the actual smiths so this is incredibly rare).


      2. Anonymous

        So whenever you see seizes from those caliber pistols here, the pocket caliber bullets are often too pretty abused looking or at least very old if in good shape unless they are smuggled directly from other countries with ammo included.


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