FGC-9 and 3D printed Glock frames seized in Ottawa

“#FrontenacOPP, #OPP Street Crime & Provincial Weapons Enforcement have charged 3 people in @NorthFrontenac after a search of a residence located firearms and prohibited devices that were in the process of being manufactured at the location using a 3D printer.” OPP East

5 thoughts on “FGC-9 and 3D printed Glock frames seized in Ottawa

    1. Anonymous

      This guy’s comment history basically doxxes himself, and he’s already been convicted of firearms offences before.


  1. Anonymous

    Sad… supposedly “free” people need to hide their hobbies because it makes the socialist power-structure a little nervous. Canada is even moving to regulate air-rifles as “deadly weapons”. Pretty pathetic if you ask me.
    Anyway, the FGC-9 is a semi-auto 9mm PDW and the other print is AWCY’s Glock G17 “Hexxed” frame. All of which can be found here:



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