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.22 hose nipple zip guns

Two zip guns seized by police which are assembled from readily available pipe fittings. Both consist of a threaded copper pipe with a brass hose nipple for a barrel. A striker attached to a spring and a length of wire rope is pulled back and released to fire.

Zip gun seized in NSW, Australia

centerpunchzipgun1centerpunchzipgun2A simple .22lr zip gun made from a cheap automatic center-punch tool seized in New South Wales, Australia.


Vietnamese women accidentally kills man with homemade gun

homemade-pen-gunEarlier this year a 25 year old women in Ho Chi Minh City accidentally shot a man through the eye while demonstrating a zip gun before going on the run. The victim was hospitalized but later died of his injuries.


Pen guns and various homemade pistols seized in Thailand

pengunsseizedinthailand1improguns shotgunpistolsthailand1improguns shotgunpistolsthailand2improguns

Zip guns / improvised firearms – Australia

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Homemade submachine guns – part 3 (Australia)

Zip guns / improvised firearms – part 4 (South America 2)

Zip guns / improvised firearms – part 1



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brazilianimprovisedshotgun improvisedmakarov pistol



Rebar Blaster


zip_gun_by_the_w00k133-d35rqok vet syringe

Veterinary syringe adapted to fire .22lr

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