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‘Slam-barrel’ single shot pistol

Examples of a ‘slam-barrel’ pistol, a design in which the barrel also acts as a striker against a fixed firing pin located at the rear. The barrel is pulled forward to cock and load a cartridge.

blowforward1 improguns

blowforward5 improguns blowforward3 improguns blowforward4 improguns


blowforward2 improguns

Improvised semi-automatic pistol with Paintball frame (Brazil 20)

A fairly compact improvised semi-automatic pistol seized in Brazil. Its entire trigger frame is from a paintball marker.

PBSMGBrazil2015 improguns

Related: Improvised brass barrel firearm with paintball marker trigger frame

Pictured is an interesting improvised 9mm firearm being sold within criminal circles in Brazil. The entire trigger group / lower is from a standard paintball marker, allowing for a more useful semi-automatic (open-bolt) operation. A clever feature is the use of standard 9mm holed hexagonal brass bar stock as a crude smooth-bore barrel.


Revolving shotgun used in robbery (Brazil)

A homemade revolving shotgun among firearms seized from three suspected youths following an armed robbery.

revolvingshotgunbrazil2 improguns

revolvingshotgunbrazil2MS improguns

9mm zip gun made from a bicycle pump

A 9mm zip gun fabricated using a bicycle pump and some threaded fittings. Confiscated from a member of a biker gang in Sweden.

bikepumpzipgun improguns

Improvised pipe shotguns (Chile)

Several crude improvised slam shotguns made using two pieces of pipe and a nail as a firing pin. Often constructed using sections of bicycle frame.

pipeshotgunschile improguns6896879pipeshotgun



Compact improvised shotgun pistol (Brazil)

A crudely made compact 12 gauge shotgun pistol seized during a drug related arrest by police in Brazil.

brazilianshotgunpistol improguns

PA Luty 9mm SMG captured in Brazil (17)

An obviously influenced attempt seized with ammunition.

luty9mmbrazil improguns


Pistols manufactured by street gang (Brazil)

A number of crude single-shot pistols found in a bag after a group of nearby youths fled from police officers.

singleshotzipguns153 improguns67895684635511One of the pistols with it’s striker cocked back ready to fire.


Homemade shotgun used in robberies (Natal, Brazil)

A pistol and homemade shotgun used by two youths to rob local businesses. Seized upon their arrest by police in Natal, Brazil.