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Vietcong made Square Sten copy

A Vietnam war bring-back sten gun copy made from square tubing. Sadly on this example the receiver is cut into several pieces but some nice details of the bolt’s fabrication can be seen.

Norwegian resistance weapons

danishresistancegunsWeapons produced by the Norwegian resistance during World War Two including a homemade version of the STEN submachine gun and components for production. Exhibit housed at the WW2 Resistance Museum in Oslo.

Homemade submachine guns (Jenin, West Bank)

homemadestenandcarlojeninA homemade Sten type copy along with a ‘Carlo’ submachine gun seized in Jenin, Palestinian West Bank.

Cypriot rebel improvised Sterling submachine gun


Small Arms Review

An improvised copy of the British 9mm Sterling SMG, further hybridized with a copy of a STEN style butt-stock and magazine well. Recovered during the Cypriot unrest of the 1960s.