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Seven homemade machine pistols seized (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)

Seven compact homemade .380 submachine guns all found in a sack which was recovered after the pursuit of a suspect in a neighborhood in west Belo Horizonte on 14/5/19.

Shotgun pistol from Ecuador

A typical local artisan made 12 gauge shotgun pistol from Ecuador. These are usually purpose built in pistol form and are often purchased to deter car-jackings.

Homemade revolver (Indonesia)

A locally made revolver seized by police in Indonesia. On this example the cylinder is formed from multiple steel tubes brazed together. It is likely single action only.

Clandestine submachine gun production in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Homemade rifling machine:

This model has been widely seized throughout multiple states in Brazil and has likely been copied by multiple gunsmiths working for various organized criminal networks.