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Slam fire shotguns in the UK

Gang paralysed boy, 13, with homemade gun for straying on their ‘turf’

SMOKING GUN Terrifying video shows gunman shooting homemade ‘slam fire’ shotgun at front door in ‘Wild West’ gangland hit

Rising use of guns by rival drug gangs is growing concern for Cleveland Police

Pair jailed for running homemade ‘slam gun’ business

Anapolis, Brazil 26/9/20

Two weapons seized today in Anapolis. The SMG is homemade while the revolver is modified to fire .32 ammunition.

Punch gun

A .22lr pen gun made from a $3 automatic center punch tool. The key ring is simply pulled back and released to fire. These same guns are being reportedly sold for $100 each on the streets of Sydney.

Unstoppable Freedom with Deterrence Dispensed


“3D printed firearms are no longer one shot wonder toys… They are serious weapons that can compete with their manufactured counterparts. Enjoy this in depth discussion with the anonymous heads of the decentralized design group Deterrence Dispensed.”

Full version at LBRY.

Nail gun to firearm conversions – China

Various .22 ramset type nail gun adaptions commonly seized during poaching related arrests in China. Adaption involves simply adding a suitable steel pipe with a big enough inner diameter for the chosen projectile or shot.

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