3D printed gun bust in Spain

The coming threat: the police seizes a AR9 submachine gun made with a 3D printer

“The National Police has reported Operation Saguaro, which has involved the arrest of a man in Abegondo, province of La Coruña. This individual had a clandestine weapons printing workshop at his home that he “manufactured” thanks to three 3D printers that have been found in it. He also had plans for its elaboration.

As part of the operation, Police seized an AR9 submachine gun. in an almost finished state, assembled with 3D printed parts using the seized material. Those in charge of the operation have been agents of the General Information Police Station, collaborating with the Provincial Information Brigade of A Coruña, and directed by the Investigating Court number three of Betanzos.”

1 thought on “3D printed gun bust in Spain

  1. Joco

    The first gun is the ‘DIY AR9’ by Professor Parabellum. It uses a metal tube running through the upper receiver with printed parts sleeved over it.



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