Slam fire shotguns in the UK

Gang paralysed boy, 13, with homemade gun for straying on their ‘turf’

SMOKING GUN Terrifying video shows gunman shooting homemade ‘slam fire’ shotgun at front door in ‘Wild West’ gangland hit

Rising use of guns by rival drug gangs is growing concern for Cleveland Police

Pair jailed for running homemade ‘slam gun’ business

2 thoughts on “Slam fire shotguns in the UK

  1. Deena Turnbull

    My father was in the Coast Guard and his brother also they were best friends but unfortunately his brother didn’t make it my father always thought it was his fault he tried once to shoot himself but thank God he made it I never knew he did that he was very depressed because of that the doctor didn’t think he had a problem so he made a zip gun in the hospital with a pipe I was the last one to see him it was horrible I had to see how easy it is to make one OMG this is crazy!!!! Some people shouldn’t be able to find this so easily OMG but he was in the Coast Guard he probably already knew but so easy to make a gun and kill someone or kill themselves this should be restricted !!!!!!!!


    1. Anonymous

      There’s a mental health crisis, not a gun crisis.
      Guns are banned in the UK. Then mass stabbings sprung up. What next? Ban knives?



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