Australian police seize two more FGC-9s

New South Wales police apparently seized two more 3D printed FGC-9 pistols this week as part of raids on an international crime syndicate. According to the reporter each can fetch over $25,000 AUS. If that’s anywhere near a street value that’s not bad for a few dollars worth of PLA and a bit of steel tubing which quoting the officer “can be done anywhere, anyone’s garage, anyone’s bedroom with the right software and printer”.

Now that owning toy ‘gell blasters‘ carry the same sentence as an illegal firearm in some Australian states, perhaps these will start to fill the void.

11 thoughts on “Australian police seize two more FGC-9s

  1. Anonymous

    Niccceee! 5 new posts in couple days, i really like this page its cool that somebody posts homemade firearms for other people in interested of gun smithing


  2. James

    Highly unlikely these guns were built in Oz. Despite the hoopla about the FGC-9 it requires an M4/M16 trigger group. Good luck finding that in Oz. Printing receivers is one thing but the innards need precision made metal parts. Works OK in the US where such parts are freely available. I expect the weapon was made O/S and shipped in. The low metal content would have diminished chances of detection. Otherwise it could have been made locally and the internal parts shipped in. Either way, there is zero chance this was 100% made in Oz.


    1. Lachlan Smith

      you can use airsoft trigger control groups which I would imagine would be similar to some gel blaster trigger control group. And even if they couldn’t get that wouldn’t it be easier to just smuggle the trigger group in and print the rest?


  3. Docter455

    Stupid dumbass cops called them submachine guns in their public address, said they can fire full auto, no buddy, they can’t. The perps either printed these for sale or for personal defense, either way they needed it for one reason or another, I’d manufacture one of these if it meant one less rapist or extremist that could potentially harm or kill me


  4. Satanic Defender

    To anyone who’s interested in gun smiting and building there own little stash.

    1.tell no one – don’t be that guy that shows off his/her shit

    2.if you are involved in criminal activity other then gunsmithing. Don’t be a dick and steel cars and shit. Work for what you want and you will attract no attention.

    3.If your doing it like me just because of that weird love for guns and ammo. Good luck and please, Watch your 6. And stay safe out there.


    1. Docter455

      I can agree to this, I think that everyone should at least have half a brain and not tell anyone, free men don’t ask, right?
      What’s your favourite thing to print? I really like to mod my files and make monstrously long extendez mags that hold 60-70 rounds and are still more reliable than ProMag
      But yeah you’re right, if you’re not stupid, you won’t get caught



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