Anapolis, Brazil 26/9/20

Two weapons seized today in Anapolis. The SMG is homemade while the revolver is modified to fire .32 ammunition.

4 thoughts on “Anapolis, Brazil 26/9/20

  1. bob bobson

    i left two video links saying those are just examples of many, where they convert these to actually to .38spl fully working. But i guess because of the links for those YT videos, it got instantly removed.

    But just by searching thai gun videos with certain airgun maker names and calibers for those… 😏 for example searching just: ” .38 731 ” you can see one example. Theres easily thousands of videos if not tens of thousands when you just click one and start clicking the suggested videos.


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  3. Blocko

    I know that air revolver, I wouldn’t trust that mechanism to time safely, the locking recesses on the cylinder are quite shallow and are easily rolled over.



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