Punch gun

A .22lr pen gun made from a $3 automatic center punch tool. The key ring is simply pulled back and released to fire. These same guns are being reportedly sold for $100 each on the streets of Sydney.

8 thoughts on “Punch gun

    1. jic

      Does that thing even have a barrel? It’s range would be so short and velocity so low that you probably wouldn’t be much worse off with the unmodified center punch.


      1. jic

        Quite possibly, although it occurs to me that the crooks of Sydney might get more effect for less money by carrying a firecracker and some sort of stabbing or bludgeoning weapon. Then again, I suppose I can’t really complain about violent criminals getting ripped off.


  1. Sam

    .22 in fact the weapon is zery dangerous at close range ( also to the guy holding ng it if the barrel isn’t drilled correctly.
    The .22 bullet is more dangerous than people think .



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