1 thought on “AP-9 & FGC-9 Evolution

  1. CanOfSillyString

    It really is interesting to see the development of this project. I suspect that the fact that the FGC-9 is so modular, and the fact that only limited technical know how is needed to build it compared to other designs, means that the FGC-9 will likely become even more common and prominent in certain circles than the Luty sub machine gun ever was. Also, the ECM rifling process that they use for the FGC-9 barrel is a very innovative way to replace the need for sometimes hard to obtain rifling buttons. All in all this is a very innovative weapon in every regard, yet it can still be made in someones garage with limited tools and know how. Truly and innovative and impressive design.

    Also, here is a zip archive of 3D gun files and diagrams and while it is a little too old to have the FGC-9 files in it it does have files for the Shuty on which the FGC-9 is at least partially based.




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