Monthly Archives: March 2017

Homemade automatic pistols seized in Delhi

Locally made automatic handguns seized from a gang in Delhi including a ‘mini carbine’ which is similar to examples seen produced in Pakistani tribal areas such as Darra Adam Khel. This fits with a noticed shift in trends of locally made guns in India.

Other examples seized by Dehli police this month:


Sledgehammer shotguns

A fine pair of 12 bore ‘hammer guns’ hand crafted by Brazil’s world renowned favela artisans. A demonstration of the weapon system presented in the video below.

Improvised .357 slam-bang zip gun

Similar to the classic shotgun variation though arranged in reverse. It is made from three components which include a barrel pipe welded into a larger pipe and a length of steel bar with a nail in the end to act as a forward driven firing pin. Simple and highly effective.

Crudely improvised 9mm submachine gun from Brazil

One of many gifts made by Brazilian Santa Claus and his armorer elves. Specifically designed to be made by 10 year old orphans who lack various limbs and whose minds are permanently clouded by various controlled substances.