Unknown machine pistol seized in Morocco

machinepistolmorocco1Here is a curious looking machine pistol along with various handguns seized from an Islamic State affiliated terror cell in Morocco. The weapon appears to be chambered in .22lr and features a telescoping wire stock with a plastic receiver and magazine which both cosmetically resemble components produced using additive manufacturing. There is a slight resemblance to the MAT-49 submachine gun which saw considerable use in the region, especially in Algeria were the weapons were supposedly smuggled in from. If it is a commercially produced weapon is anyone able to identify it?





5 thoughts on “Unknown machine pistol seized in Morocco

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  2. OldManMontgomery

    .22 lr for a submachine gun? Strikes as an odd choice; little power for a relatively large device; rims. Maybe .22 is more available in Morocco?

    It does look like a MAT 49 externally. Which, considering the area, may be how people are used to thinking of a submachine gun. Like many ‘almost’ submachine guns in the U. S. bear a great resemblance to a Thompson for some eerie reason. Without seeing the internals – probably not going to happen – I would not venture a guess as to the device’s derivation.

    I presume all the handguns are smuggled or stolen rather than ‘made’?


    1. ImproGuns Post author

      Looked to be mostly old Beretta pistols and TT33s. The SMG could possibly have been a trainer built by a local police armorer, though just as likely made in a basement in Europe.


  3. Exile1981

    Ok I blew up the pic and you can see the forming lie down the center of the magazine and the lips on the sides give you an idea of wall thickness of the plastic. It looks like you could fit 22lr inside it but only single stacked.

    I can see mold lines on the receiver as well. I’m going with injection molded vs. additive manufacturing.
    What is the big block thing strapped to the barrel?



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