6 thoughts on “Improvised .22lr machine pistol (Mexico)

      1. Rifleman III

        Dave: I only post what other blogs have listed. Fundamentals of all mechanical things are fairly basic and similar. An online search might help you out, and some mind mapping, with pencil and paper, could do most help. But what you need to look at, are contact sear engagements or misfires could be unintentional discharges. I would go on to admonish about BATF&E laws, but if you are designing for perhaps a patent, or submission to any firearms manufacturer, that might (not necessarily) be a different ballgame.
        I used to have many plans for workshop use, but lacked motivation to do something that I couldn’t use hunting, and if I wanted a cold piece, the streets probably have more. I also poked around online but all the gun stuff, are myths. The dark web, is probably either scams or stings. Look at numerous mechanical drawings for different mechanisms, then compare what is common in all the drawings, and how a file and a workshop could make something similar, then modify for what your needs are. Good Luck, in obtaining your patent. Don’t forget to trademark. Stay within legal guidelines. Anything else, would be unlawful.


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