The US Army’s improvised pistol

improvisedpistolAn improvised firearm reportedly of a type used to murder British MP Jo Cox yesterday. The suspected shooter allegedly owned a copy of US Army ‘TM-31-210 ‘Improvised Munitions Handbook’ published in 1969 which contains detailed instruction on how to construct various simple homemade guns including the pistol pictured. The pistol is assembled from a 1/4″ pipe coupled with a plug fitted with a nail to act as a firing pin. It is fired by pulling back and releasing a metal strap which is powdered by multiple elastic bands wrapped in place. Reportedly the designs were extensively tested in trails and deemed safe enough to publish for official use.


6 thoughts on “The US Army’s improvised pistol

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  2. TB

    The end of the crude barrel is threaded. Whether or not the original creator intended for this or not, it would be quite easy to install a screw-on suppressor, such as the notorious “Drink Bottle Silencer” (, or any one of the silencers described in TM-31-210.


  3. jic

    I know that this was posted very shortly after the Cox murder before all the facts were known, but I think it’s worth pointing out that the perpetrator actually used a stolen .22 Weihrauch bolt-action rifle with most of the stock and barrel cut off.

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