Zip guns / improvised firearms – Hungary

A selection of improvised firearms seized by police in Hungary.

homemadenailgunfirearmhungary improgunszipgunseizedinhungary improguns

This .22lr example appears to use an air rifle barrel which has been fitted with a homemade spike bayonet.

zipgunsseizedinhungary3 improguns

Lastly some improvised revolvers:

zipgunsseizedinhungary2 improguns678567856785644

3 thoughts on “Zip guns / improvised firearms – Hungary

  1. Sebastian

    I suspect that the first one actually fires rubber balls – I’ve read about those weapons before, they were atleast legal in Hungary a few years back, but I don’t know what their current legal status is.


    1. Gabor Vass

      Yes, the frist one is a factory made free-to-own NON LETHAL gun in Hungary, practically a muzzleloader for 18 mm rubber bullets/9 mm R Blank ammo.
      Keseru ( Omerta Compact is the exact type.


      1. dfrombirmingham

        those balls in the second picture look like metal. i see no reason why the gun couldn’t be loaded with lead balls or other metal that when combined with the power of the blank turns it into an improvised firearm that is lethal.


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