Zip guns / improvised firearms – Hungary

A selection of improvised firearms seized by police in Hungary.

homemadenailgunfirearmhungary improgunszipgunseizedinhungary improguns

This .22lr example appears to use an air rifle barrel which has been fitted with a homemade spike bayonet.

zipgunsseizedinhungary3 improguns

Lastly some improvised revolvers:

zipgunsseizedinhungary2 improguns678567856785644

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2 Responses to Zip guns / improvised firearms – Hungary

  1. Sebastian says:

    I suspect that the first one actually fires rubber balls – I’ve read about those weapons before, they were atleast legal in Hungary a few years back, but I don’t know what their current legal status is.


    • Gabor Vass says:

      Yes, the frist one is a factory made free-to-own NON LETHAL gun in Hungary, practically a muzzleloader for 18 mm rubber bullets/9 mm R Blank ammo.
      Keseru ( Omerta Compact is the exact type.


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