Homemade pistols and shotguns – Egypt

mideastshotpistol improguns

mideastrevolvingshotgunsrevolvingshotgunsegypt improguns MOTAHMON30820124 homemadeegyptshotgunsandpistol improguns arabpistolscloseup improguns 811863428cdrm 50arabinternals 2014_5_1_13_49_47_9401044572_611782802179866_2127139991_n 146762_660_1970875 413244 413246

2 thoughts on “Homemade pistols and shotguns – Egypt

  1. Anonymous

    By the look of their faces the Egyptian police put them in their place 🙂
    Good to see these are off the streets


  2. Anonymous

    Good to see them off the streets? Go fuck yourself. We need more guns in the hands of the people to reign in these corrupt political bastards, especially in Egypt!



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