Homemade semi auto pistols – part 2 (Russia / Europe)

1675950chechenpitballautomaticpistol (1)pitballautomaticpistol (2)homebuiltdeserteagle Desert Eagle .50 copy.

homemademafiapistol improguns

92843homemadesemiauto 7327999662

778567345improgunshandmadetokarevrussia improgunsA handmade copy of the Tokarev TT33 pistol.


1389474478692homemadeglock (2)homemadeglock (1)homemadeglock4homemadeglock3

A Handmade Glock look-alike pistol , it’s lower suspected to be molded from sawdust mixed with epoxy to form a crude composite over a skeleton frame. Rather than having a spring loaded pin, it utilizes a small concealed hammer. Chambered in 9 x18 Makarov.


82300242964 (2) 82300242964 (3)909927953567 (2)photofeature10_weapons_9242photofeature10_weapons_9258

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A couple of hobbyist made examples from the USA:

20140407-152004 20140407-152031

Bill Holmes homework shop pistol design.



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4 Responses to Homemade semi auto pistols – part 2 (Russia / Europe)

  1. Giolli Joker says:

    The DE .50AE copy is surely not the work of the average drug dealer machine shop… if it has been seized, it was most likely the job of a good machinist that didn’t realize (or care) that where he lives it’s illegal to build guns in you backyard.
    Any other info available on it?


  2. someperv says:

    that knock off Desert Eagle looks even prettier than the original factory made, just wonderful piece of art


  3. Yanko Dmitrieff says:

    This Gun was built by a german master gunsmith and he published the entire build thread several years ago on one of the gun building sites. The gun is legal as he holds a legal gunsmiths certificate. The same person also builds and sells several hunting rifles, these are available on his online store!.


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