Homemade revolving shotguns – part 1 (China)

Examples seized mostly in Taiwan and The People’s Republic of China.


taiwanimprovisedshotgunpainballstreetsweeper2paintballrevolvingshotgun improguns taiwanimprovisedshotgunstock improguns tumblr_mw87zzhUUj1qdzr9to2_r1_1280 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERArevolvingshotgun89895656improguns

chineserevolvingshotguns1 improguns chineseimprovisedshotguns1 improguns 600_70 5966i797 improgunshomemadedrumshotgunchina revolvingshotgunforegripchina 897145938674675366785684 improguns784589857477453540044 7834535678678345905667chinahomemadeshotgun6734795


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