Zip guns / improvised firearms – part 1



zippies improgunszipgun38spl improguns 56455756899 capgunconverted.22crudederringer 7867674545459 6785547homemadepistol

brazilianimprovisedshotgun improvisedmakarov pistol



Rebar Blaster


zip_gun_by_the_w00k133-d35rqok vet syringe

Veterinary syringe adapted to fire .22lr

homemadeguns7875656 (2) ghettozipgun gyhdrthuiuiu (3) vgyjfgjfgzipgun4505422 22caliberweapon3 454824987878343789 improshotgun fty5656dfdr improguns policeseizehomemadeshotgun improguns homemadeguns7875656 (5) pb-120518-guns-jb-01.photoblog900 cftgsdtgdfykk improguns homemadeguns7875656 (6) eokapistol1 chinesezipshotgunexternalsprings4583086 capgunconvertedbolt  crudepistols44ffde199656313meanwhileattaurus



3 thoughts on “Zip guns / improvised firearms – part 1

  1. Snnnn

    I don’t understand…gun control laws make all the guns go away…really…. 8-]
    Someone needs to tell that ten year old what he is doing is impossible under
    gun control. Great to see this site…..a sharp dash of reality.



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